September 25, 2021

Actionable steps will help you realise your goals

By Muthoni Ngatia

Every beginning of the year, we all do the usual – set new goals. Some write them down while others just put to their minds to commitments for the year. It is always recommended that we write down what our goals are. After setting the goals, it is also necessary to break down the larger goals into action points.

It is these action points that will build towards the overall goal. Depending on how you envision the goals, breaking down may be a bit of a task. Most people stop at setting SMART goals but the goals are so large they never get to step one in achieving them. Lets late a sports analogy, if you decide to run a 42 km marathon today, and you have never run a kilometre in your life, where do you start? Well you start by running 1 kilometre then 2 kilometres, so you break down the big audacious goal of yours into manageable portions. Many entrepreneurs set themselves up for failure when they point to a sales target for the quarter and then fail to create a gradual path to reach that goal.

It gets more demoralising when you sit through a review in between the year and you cannot see the concrete steps made towards the goal. It can be very discouraging.

But this is not to say we shouldn’t set the goals and begin working towards them. It just means that we need to identify those actions that will be easier for us to achieve and if taken every day of the year, we can be sure to reach the set goals.

If you really want to realise your business goals this year, then you have to break them down and execute the actionable steps. The action steps can be taken by you or your staff. Setting realisable goals is even more motivating. Instead of setting very high targets, set what you can be sure to realise as this will motivate you when you meet them and even exceed expectations. 

Going back to the sport analogy, if you were to begin running one kilometre every day to participate in a 21km marathon later in the year, this would make good practice. Perhaps do one kilometre runs every day for the first one month, two kilometres for the second month and so on. By the end of the year, you would have good stamina to see you through a 21km marathon.

This is the same way we should attack our business goals. Cut them in actionable steps that allow us to feel good as we push through the year. It is important to feel encouraged by everything we review throughout the year. 

Wishing you the very best in your business goals this year!

Author is the CEO/Founder, OpenBusiness Africa
Internet Hall of Fame Inductee | World Economic Forum Young Global Leader | Top 40 Under 40 Women 2014 | Change Agent Award Winner
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CEO/Founder, OpenBusiness Africa

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